A Show Stopping Winter Dessert with Roxanne West

This tarte recipe is great for entertaining over the holidays paired with an eggnog ice cream, also homemade and super easy! This tarte is light and creamy and is only sweetened with vanilla, maple syrup and coconut sugar.

Hello everyone! I thought it would be nice to introduce myself since this is the very first time I have guest written on the Summerhill Market blog. I am so excited to be sharing one of my favourite recipes with all of you that I re-invited this year with a secret ingredient, the Summerhill Market eggnog…and such a delicious ingredient might I add!

We are so fond of the family-run gourmet grocer and every month we are stocking up on our favourite items, with the holidays in full swing the baking and entertaining has of course begun. I like to stick to my classic, fool-proof recipes normally so as to avoid any hiccups before the company shows up but I’m being a risk taker this year and switched things up. Our kids and us LOVED this French Creme Poached Pear Almond Tarte and I hope you will too! That’s a long enough name isn’t it? Ha!

We stocked up on the Summerhill Market’s poached pears in vanilla syrup around Thanksgiving and we’re still using them up, we love them on top of warm oatmeal and I couldn’t wait to make a tarte with them. This tarte recipe is great for entertaining over the holidays paired with an eggnog ice cream, also homemade and super easy! This tarte is light and creamy and is only sweetened with vanilla, maple syrup and coconut sugar. You can easily pick up all of the ingredients needed from Summerhill Market grocers and I promise that you will find a bunch of great uses for their eggnog over the holidays, we use it for sweetening our coffee & making festive lattes.

Now, let’s get to the recipe shall we?

The almond creme is quite easy to be honest, a whole 3 steps really.

The Ingredients you will need are:

½ cup of unsalted butter at room temperature

2 large eggs at room temperature

¾ cup of almond flour

½ cup of coconut sugar

2 tablespoons of all purpose flour

1 tablespoon of maple syrup (we used one infused with anise)

Pinch of cinnamon

½ cup of Summerhill Market eggnog

Now how do we make said French Almond Creme you may ask? Well, you add all of these ingredients together in your mixer and blend them on medium speed to high speed until fluffy & whipped!

You can either purchase ready made pie crusts and shape them to your favourite tarte dish or of course you can make your own pie crust, either way it will taste delicious I promise.

Steps to Creating your French Creme Almond Poached Pear Tarte

  • Preheat your oven to 350f
  • Bake your tarte crust in the oven for 10 minutes
  • Fill your tarte with the Almond filling and keep it refrigerated while you slice your Summerhill Market poached pears. As I slice, I keep each of the pears together so that I can fan them out on the filling.
  • Spread out your pear slices layered until the mixture is covered.
  • If you feel like getting creative like myself, try cutting out a cute pear in crust to bake on top or something festive like Christmas trees!
  • Cover the tarte with tinfoil and bake for 40 minutes at 350f
  • Remove tinfoil and bake for another 15-20 minutes allowing the top to brown nicely.
  • Let the tarte cool and serve when ready!

I hope you enjoy this recipe and the delicious Summerhill Market eggnog if you have a chance to pick it up, I suggest stocking up on a few bottles because they go so quickly!

Roxanne West

Roxanne West

My name is Roxanne West, I am a French-Canadian stay at home mom of 2 & lifestyle blogger, forever in love with fresh cut flowers, romantic comedies & warm-fresh pastries…like doughnuts and croissants, you know- the good stuff! I first entered into the blogging world 9 years ago at the age of 20 while traveling to New Zealand on my own in the search of, me. I lived there for 3 years and when I came back to Canada and met my husband and we started a family, I knew I wanted blogging to become my career while staying home with our little ones.

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