Storing food, making food last and no waste is on everyone’s mind. Below are 3 ways to store herbs so they last longer

Rinse and dry herbs (they can be slightly damp) then:
1. Wrap in bee’s wax. (See video in my earlier feed) Place in crisper. @walkers_honey
2. Wrap in paper towel, then place in large Ziploc bag. Place in crisper.
3. Put in mason jar full of water, like a bouquet of flowers. Place in door of fridge. (This does not work for basil)

Truth: Fresh herbs have immune boosting antioxidants.

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Wife Of A Grocer

Wife Of A Grocer

My name is Candra Reynolds and I’m a Culinary Nutrition Expert and a lover of healthy eating. Everything I do in the kitchen is inspired by my three beautiful daughters and my husband Brad, who is a 3rd generation grocer. My passion is understanding healthy food and fuelling my family with nutrient dense food. Although it doesn’t always turn out that way!

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