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Chimichurrii Cedar Plank Salmon

Cedar plank salmon is super versatile and great for any type of cook, adventurous or not.

Cedar plank salmon is super versatile and great for any type of cook, adventurous or not. You can keep it simple by sticking to the basics by simply soaking the cedar in water and letting the wood work its magic with not much finesse.

Or, you can tap into your inner chef and use different marinades, or even wine (yes wine!) *suggest some wines i.e. Ontario Ice Wine* to create a meal that is sure to be a crowd pleaser. There are a few simple rules to keep in mind when cooking with a cedar plank.

Avoid putting the plank in the oven or on the grill dry, as you may as well break out the s’mores and start roasting on the cedar campfire you will have created! Soak your plank in water or a flavourful liquid such as wine or dark beer for a minimum of one hour.

Heat your grill to approximately 400F (a medium heat) and let the plank heat up to room temperature before adding an food items to it. Add your salmon to the pre-heated plank and smell the magic happening.

Ali Hunter

Ali Hunter

Hi, my name is Ali. I am a trained chef, a skier, a wife, a mom, and now a food blogger! My life takes me back and forth between Collingwood and Muskoka – two perfect places where I have enjoyed the outdoors and the unique offerings of food! I apply three key life rules to my cooking that make my dishes a success: Simplicity, quality and pure satisfaction. I love keeping things simple, I love buying and working with quality ingredients, and I believe these two principles combined should leave you totally satisfied too!

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