Good Goddess Fantastic Fat MCT Oil – 500ml


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MCT from coconut oil, fat burner, brain food and an energizer.

Fantastic Fat is coconut oil’s super-derivative and is also known as medium-chain-triglyceride (or MCT). Only 62-65% of the fatty acids in coconut oil are MCTs, so consider this your short-cut to the good stuff!

FANTASTIC FAT is gluten-free and vegan friendly

We consume about 1 tablespoon* per day, every day and enjoy the following benefits:

In a nutshell, our Fantastic Fat is made up of three types of MCTs:

C8 (caprylic acid)

C10 (capric acid)

C12 (lauric acid)

How we incorporate it in our daily lives:

  • In any beverage (especially in butter coffee with GG Boostina Beans for a higher performance bevvie!)
  • In GG Coconut Cloud Yogurt
  • In your favourite olive oil for vinaigrettes
  • In oatmeal and cereal

Don’t forget to share with the boys and sneak a few drops in with the kiddies’ meals (just be sure to reduce the serving portion to 1/4 of a tablespoon for the little ones).

*Please start with smaller quantities and work you way up as you may find yourself visiting the bathroom more often than needed in the beginning.

Made in Ontario, Canada

Please beware of the palm oil alternatives: Palm oil is not our go-to source of MCTs because there are issues involved in the process of procuring this oil. Deforestation, loss of wildlife diversity and unethical treatment of workers are just a few examples. GG’s fantastic fats comes directly from the beloved coconut.