Planning Your Next Grocery Shop at Summerhill Market

Planning your visit to our store? Here’s what you need to know.

We’ve been working hard to offer a safe, clean shopping environment for our customers AND a safe workplace for our staff. Here are a few things to expect when shopping at Summerhill in the COVID-era.

1. Arrive prepared — while we strive to avoid long lineups, know that you will be asked to wait outside depending on the number of people in-store, right now we limit this to around 35 persons at a time. The usual wait time is 10-15 minutes max.

2. You will be asked to wash or sanitize your hands upon entry. We appreciate you may have done this beforehand, but it’s an  SHM store policy that we ask you to sanitize at the door!

3. Mask on – this is now a requirement as per City of Toronto by-laws. We provide other PPE at our sanitization station in-store, so feel free to use disposable gloves while you shop too. You can shop our selection of washable face-masks here.

  • There are some exceptions to this rule, if a child is under 2 ½ years of age or if a person has an underlying medical condition.

4. Shopping carts & baskets are sanitized after each use, so please take a clean one and proceed using the floor markings to your designated browsing area.

5. Mind the Gap! We’ve got floor stickers and taped out areas so you know you’re keeping the right distance and can shop in the flow of traffic.

6. Approaching the checkout. Might be an idea to bring headphones, call a friend or take moment for yourself as this is the second line up you will have to physically-distance wait in. Like before, we’ve got our cashiers monitoring the line to ensure we can have extra bagging help and hands on deck if the line gets too long. If there’s one thing we’ve learned after being isolated at home–it’s how to sit still for a few moments.

7. Checking out—while our bagging assistance has resumed, please note that we are not currently accepting reusable bags from home in the effort to manage hand-to-hand contact. If you have them on you, you will be asked to leave them at the door for collection after you shopped.

8. For those still pursuing the self-isolation route or unable to shop in-store just yet, we’ve got you covered too. You can now get your Summerhill fix from our online store, check out this page to browse our online aisles and order for curb-side pickup or delivery. Currently our Rosedale location offers contact-less pickup should you need it–let us know any other details like this in the note box on checkout!

And finally, we wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU for your patience, understanding for bearing with us in this time. We know and appreciate these past few weeks and months have been tough on many. Getting into a new routine and experiencing such fast-paced change is never easy. Our hope with the above practices is to ensure a clean and comfortable shopping environment for all, and that those using our new online PICKUP & DELIVERY service can also expect the same level of care they have come accustomed to being a shopper of Summerhill Market.

For more information or any questions regarding our COVID-19 in-store and online practices, please feel free to email us directly at You can shop the Online Market here, and check out all our retail locations here.

Hannah Nastamagos

Hannah Nastamagos

Hannah is SHM's resident E-Commerce Manager, ghostwriter, and customer service rep! When she's not getting back to you on the Online Desk, you'll find her cooking or scouting the latest food trends on IG for Summerhill's online platform.

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Need A Mask?

No problem! Re-usable masks are available for purchase both online and in-store. Single-use masks are also available at the front of the store in case you arrive without one!

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