How to make 2020 the year of emotional wellbeing

With January almost behind us, your wellness goals for the year are likely already in motion. Of course, you’re probably eating well and exercising – but did you remember to account for your mental and emotional health? If 2020 is the year you want to feel less stressed, more vibrant and more connected (to yourself and others), taking a more holistic view of your health by will help you get there.

Take a Moment 

Wellness sometimes misses the mark – making even the most simple things feel complicated. The good news is that one of the most incredible things you can do for your health is cultivating a simple practice of “mindfulness”. 

Mindfulness means to cultivate an awareness of the present moment, and it often focuses on gratitude. It’s an ancient practice that has taken a foothold in wellness culture – for good reason! 

Most are familiar with the practice of meditation as a means to rewire our brains which can be done through popular apps like headspace or practiced at studios like Hoame. But, mindfulness can also be practised in other ways too.

Going to therapy to work through emotional triggers helps us be more present, as does unplugging from our devices and choosing to follow our intuition more often. Curating small moments of pleasure throughout your day such as sipping your superfood latte or unwinding with a sparkling “Adaptogenic” botanical bevy at the end of the day are just a few more ways “being present” which can bolster your health!

Get “Sober Curious”

Next up on the holistic wellness edit is the idea of flirting with sobriety. Going past the idea of “dry January”, many people are taking a second thought when it comes to booze. 

The increasingly popular “Sober Curious” movement is often defined as a lifestyle decision where individuals choose, question or change their drinking habits for mental and/or health reasons. The essence of the movement isn’t necessarily being 100% sober, but instead focuses around mindful consumption. It’s really about feeling life out without as much alcohol. 

While there’s no doubt people are still looking for ways to connect and relax, it’s becoming more apparent to many that it doesn’t always have to be centred on booze. Truth is, with more and more awesome options available like Seedlip and new “Adaptogenic” Sparkling Botanical Infusions by KITE it’s becoming harder to miss!


Add More Plants

While we already know that eating plants is extremely important to our overall health, plants affect us in other ways too. Beyond the rich nutritional value of plants (yay, phytonutrients!), consuming plants and being surrounded by them in general makes us feel good. Just think about how you feel after spending time in nature, or the difference in the energy of a space after plants are added.  

Furthermore, in paying attention to our emotional and mental health, the special class of plants known as “Adaptogens” have a particularly special role. 

Simply put, Adaptogens are plants that help us adapt to stress. More specifically, there are mechanisms within adaptogens to enable homeostasis during extreme stress by providing nourishment to the adrenal glands and bringing the HPA (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal) system back into balance. Of course, our stress load has a huge role in our holistic health and by reducing it we may find that we have better energy, a healthier immune system, an elevated mood, more focus, and more. 

The good news? Now more than ever before Summerhill Market’s shelves are bursting with a selection of snacks and tasty, health-forward botanical beverages enriched with adaptogenic herbs, as this stress-supportive wellness trend is here to stay!


By Michelle Tirmandi

Holistic Nutritionist & Co-Founder KITE Sparkling Botanicals 



Michelle Tirmandi

Michelle Tirmandi

Holistic Nutritionist & Co-Founder KITE Sparkling Botanicals Michelle experienced the need for finding BALANCE became more pronounced as she entered into motherhood. Her work as a holistic nutritionist, and exploration into yoga, made it abundantly clear that she needed to focus on creating space for more MINDFULNESS. As she learned to BE more PRESENT and follow her intuition, she developed a new perspective on ‘WELLNESS’ and wanted to share. FOLLOW: @drinkkite.

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