Five Ways to Get Fall Ready

Fall has finally arrived and we couldn’t be more excited! Autumn is a spectacular time of year, especially in-store, because we’re so inspired by fall ingredients.

Crunching through fallen leaves. A pot simmering on the stove. Pulling on a thick sweater. A roast in the oven. Putting out a new planter. Ahh…

Fall has finally arrived and we couldn’t be more excited! Autumn is a spectacular time of year, especially in-store, because we’re so inspired by fall ingredients.

We’ve got you covered for the entire season, whether you want to cook up a storm or put out a great meal without lifting a finger. We’ve even thought of décor! Take a look:


Dinner’s Ready

There’s nothing better than making a meal from scratch or prepping dinner for the whole fam, but let’s face it – there’s not always enough time in the day.That’s why our chefs have spent the entire day cooking up a storm, creating made-from-scratch meals that make dinner time a breeze. These rich, cozy comfort foods were made for the fall nights:

i) Choose rich pastas big enough to feed the entire family – Pasta Carbonara ($25.99), Smoked Chicken Pappardelle ($19.99), Bacon Jalapeno Mac & Cheese ($21.99), and Pasta Bolognese ($25.99).

ii) Want something a little meatier? We’ve got slow-braised meats – Braised Short Ribs ($23.99) and Braised Lamb Shank ($21.99) for instance, and other delectable mains (Chicken Cacciatore, $25.99) that you can customized with your own sides – salads, veg, starch.

iii) Turkey Dinners are here! The city’s best Homemade Holiday Meal has hit the shelves ($24.99 each) and available for ordering online now ($31.99/person). If you’ve had them before, you know that it’s one of the best parts of the holidays, and if you haven’t, you’ve got to try it. You may never make your own again.



Soup’s On

Once the cooler weather arrives, it’s the perfect time to make soups, chilis, sauces, and stews. But you’re going need some basic ingredients. Here’s what you need to stock your pantry:

– Bouillon cubes (Knorr are just one of the brands now doing reduced sodium and cleaner labels)

– Summerhill’s Own Broths (fish, vegetable, and chicken stock –find them in our frozen section)

– Stewed canned tomatoes or jarred passata (strained tomatoes)


Sweet Treats

 Is there anything better than biting into a crunchy crumble that oozes warm fruit? Summerhill’s Own Fruit Crumbles (Apple, Mixed Berry, Peach) deliver a last taste of summer and hints at fall flavours, all without you having to mix a single ingredient.



Pick of the Patch

Whether you’re Team Pumpkin Spice or not, there’s no denying the insane popularity of this autumnal seasoning. And since it’s here for such a short time, we’re getting in on the action. Picking up Pumpkin Spice Seasoning (Club House, $3.99) for whipping up seasonal baked goods or sprinkling on lattes for serious fall feels. #PSL

And be on the lookout for our house made Pumpkin Spice Scones, and NEW pumpkin-flavoured protein energy pots (out now!).



Decor to Fall For

With the arrival of the new season and school year, it’s a wonderful opportunity to refresh your décor. Let’s start with the front door. Set the stage and welcome guests with stunning Harvest and Wheat Wreaths (prices?)and Fall Planters (Cabbage, Kale, Decorative Peppers).

Moving indoors, set out arrangements of bright, beautiful Gladiolus, while you can – they’re only available for a limited time. And add a pop of colour with bouquets of Dahlias and Sunflowers while they’re still in season.

Create a cozy atmosphere that’s safe for the whole family – even the furry ones – with Summerhill’s Own Soy Candles. These all-natural, non-toxic glass-jarred beauties deliver soothing, warm scents that burn clean and last longer than traditional candles.






Shop Summerhill’s Fall Favourites now.


Stephanie Dickison

Stephanie Dickison

A journalist with over 20 years experience, specializing in restaurants, chefs, food and drink. In addition to daily articles and features, profiling top chefs and interviewing celebs, as editor and feature writer for Toronto Restaurants, her Open/Closed column is a must-read every Thursday morning for the newest openings, and latest news + events. 

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