Curated Moments for Mom

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, but don’t panic – we’ve got you covered. From classic goodies to modern delights, there’s something for everyone. Take a look:

Relax & Refresh

For the Mom who really does it all, a day off is one of the best gifts you can give. To help her indulge in time to herself and create a little staycation, check out our recommendations:

– Pick up an arrangement of flowers, set in a pretty teapot from our floral department.

– Select a few Pukka calming teas for her to sip on while reading, watching Netflix, or planning this year’s garden.

– Nothing’s better than a good book to tuck into. Choose a new paperback from our selection in-store.

– Mom will definitely approve our house made Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies. And they just happen to be an ideal accompaniment for tea, flowers and a good book. #forthewin

Renew & Recharge

If your mother figure isn’t the type to sit back and relax, give her the essentials to make her day run smoothly:

– Our in-store cold-pressed juices ((i.e. My Darling, Detox Green, Recharge) will help keep Mom energized and on point.

-There’s no time to stop for a leisurely meal withthisschedule. Power through a hectic day with Perfect Bars, the original refrigerated protein bar that’s organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and packed with whole-food protein. Easy to stash away in your bag, and available in array of flavours.

– Rebbl Reshi Cold Brew is a super herb powered coconut milk elixir that will invigorate the family matriarch without any caffeine and all the things that can come with it – jitters, insomnia, etc. Oh, and BTW it’s dee-lish.

– Even for the busiest mom-on-the-go, a floral gift basket is a lovely reminder that she’s in your thoughts and heart.

Repast & Rejoice

Cooking is fun when you’ve got the time, but it can feel like a chore if your schedule is jam-packed. Make a meal she’ll love and that she doesn’t have to lift finger for with these delectable dishes:

– Breakfast-in-bed looks lush when you start with a decadent egg sandwich (ingredients: freshly baked croissants, eggs, sliced cheese, avocadoes) or cream cheese bagel (ingredients: freshly baked bagels or crisp gluten-free crackers, a container of cream cheese, Mike’s Smoked Salmon, red onion, capers)

Add OJ (and a splash of champers, perhaps), coffee or tea, and you’ve got yourself a winning combination.

– Whether it’s high tea or regular teatime, sweet treats are in order. Dessert items can include cookies, cupcakes, biscuits, tarts, brownies, cake, sweet or savoury loaves, and scones (do as the Brits do and add jam and heavy cream to your scone). Pick up the essentials in our bakery and pastry sections.

– You don’t have to be a Top Chef competitor to pull off a fantastic roast. Our chefs have created sumptuous meals, available with all the components, or you can build-your-own-meal by selecting your protein and adding our exquisite prepared sides. Go traditional (Prime Rib Dinner with Potatoes & Crisp Green Beans; Roast Chicken) or change it up with contemporary selections (Duck Confit, Chicken and Duck Saltimbocca, Paella, Mango Salmon Dinner, Ginger Black Cod Dinner, Polenta with Tomato and Mushroom Ragu, and Vegetarian Lasagna) All you have to do? The dishes.

Stephanie Dickison

Stephanie Dickison

A journalist with over 20 years experience, specializing in restaurants, chefs, food and drink. In addition to daily articles and features, profiling top chefs and interviewing celebs, as editor and feature writer for Toronto Restaurants, her Open/Closed column is a must-read every Thursday morning for the newest openings, and latest news + events. 

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