Our Team

Our differences and diversity is what make us strong. We treat each other with the deepest respect, staying open to opinions and ideas and standing by our word. When we say we’re going to do something, we do it, whether it’s for a customer or a fellow employee.

Our managers

Brad McMullen

Company President

Christy McMullen


Matthew Rogge

General Manager

Alnoor Datoo

Rosedale Store Manager

Margaret Persaud

Deli Manager, Rosedale

Joe Ranieri

Produce Manager, Rosedale

Jonathan Davies

Prepared Foods Manager, Rosedale

Alex Karatsoreas

Mt. Pleasant Store Manager

Kim Greer

Forest Hill Assistant Store Manager

Luka Cuvalo

Forest Hill Store Manager

Vera Funtova

Floral Manager

John Wong

Grocery Manager, Rosedale

Orlando Jimenez

Meat Department Manager

Hannah Nastamagos

E-Commerce Manager

Our Staff

Bart Desiron

Director of Prepared Foods

Michael Smith

Executive Chef

Mario Totaro

Head Chef of Pastry Kitchen

Matt Robertson

Head of Kitchen Innovation

Tyler Jull

Chef de Cuisine

Siva Elxumanan

Large Batch Production Chef

Nicole Rumball

Production Manager

Ellen Osborne

Category Manager

Elissa Herrington

Director of Human Resources

Robin Wilson

Director of Marketing

Jacquie Jordan

Director of Finance

We are always looking for enthusiastic, reliable, goal-oriented people who share our passion for food and customer service. If you are intrested in working with us kindly fill out our online application form

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